New images and info on the cannons of ontario

July 9, 2010
My contact dave harper as very kindly sent me over some more images of walker cannons,over in ontario.

This cannon a 32 pounder walker cannon. in murney redoubt kingston ontario.


Union jack from the battle of trafalgar

June 21, 2010
Just stumbled across this about a union jack that was at the battle of trafalgar,that  sold for  £384000 back in october 2009.
Amazing and this town made the cannons that were at trafalgar

shh but I have borrowed the image of the flag,which even as musket and shrapnel holes and smells of gunpowder.

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Walker cannon at La citadelle quebec Canada

June 17, 2010
My Canadian Contact Dave harper, has just sent  over this shot of  a walker cannon
with the distinctive W co on the trunnion.excellent stuff.
This cannon is in the fort of La citadelle in quebec.
Quebec was captured  by the british after using the lawrence river to launch its attack.
Navigating the River was made possible by the well known captain cook,that was and still is treacherous to navigate.

Just got a new picture from dave harper of the Walker cannons at quebec,at La citadelle.
Showing 3 w...
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Google Earth image of walker works.

June 16, 2010
Google Earth image of the location of the Walker works at Conisborough.
Above is Conisborough Castle with the River Don, that powered the walkers boring mill, and transported the cannons.
At some point I will have to have a shuftie and see if there is any evidence still on the ground.

This is a sketch of Abbeydale industrial hamlet.
Showing how the river as above at conisborough was diverted along a goit then into a mill pond.
The water wheel rotated in a trench allowing for a lot power from the w...
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Trincomalee hartlepool heritage centre

June 15, 2010
Another famous ship the Trincomalee,that replaced the fuodroyant, is on display at the hartlepool heritage centre
The ship does have several Rotherham cannons on board.

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Kiss me hardy.

June 15, 2010
I think everybody in England was taught this,at least while I was at school.
The truth is Nelson actually died while being held by his attendant/ valet Alexander scott.
Scott his buried in Ecclesfield church yard near sheffield,after unexpectedly dying, while visiting his daughter there.

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Walker cannon in St lucia

June 13, 2010
First picture of  a  Rotherham cannon from abroad  in St lucia Fort Rodney, near Gros Inlet on Rodney Bay.
Note W co on the trunnion.
Fort Rodney was named after Admiral  Rodney who was always at the front end of  any fighting.

excellent picture courtesy chris harper

Another picture sent by chris harper, showing tne same cannon a 24 pounder on its replica gun carriage,at fort rodney,
clearly showing the touch hole,and sighting ma...
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Rotherham cannons on the thames Embankment

June 8, 2010
A Couple of Nice picture of  Rotherham cannons on the thames embankment.

Below 32 pounder Walker cannon, weighing 3.5 Tons, the kids sitting on it gives the scale.

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Firing the walker cannon.

June 7, 2010
Don scott tells me that firing the town hall cannon was at one point dicussed.

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Battle of Trafalgar crew from Rotherham.

June 6, 2010
I have just been given this list of names,by mark  barret from  the Nelson and his world  forum,of the crew who were from Rotherham,some of these might be related to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

The information comes from the muster books of the ships - which are still held at the National Archive.

This information has been put into a fantastic database called the Ayshford Trafalgar Roll.

Details of the Rotherham men are as follows:

Thomas Jephson : Landsman : Aged 23 : HMS Revenge
William Wild : Landsman : ...

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